Question 1 - How do I qualify for Mike Dudas's ETH Airdrop?

You can participate for Mike Dudas's ETH Airdrop if you:

  1. Enter the Referral/Promo Code ‘MDUDAS’ when you sign-up to OnJuno.

  2. Create a new OnJuno Checking Account.

  3. Successfully set up a Crypto Paycheck at OnJuno.

Any returns on deposits may disqualify this ETH Airdrop. The ETH Airdrop is offered entirely by OnJuno and is not provided by Evolve Bank and Trust. Limited time offer only.

Question 2 - Who is eligible to participate in Mike Dudas's ETH Airdrop?

Mike Dudas's ETH Airdrop is solely open to new OnJuno users who fulfil the following conditions:

  1. Have created a new OnJuno Checking Account on a date on or after 21/10/2021

  2. Are legal residents of the United States

  3. Are aged 18 or older

Question 3 - Where and when will I receive the $100 ETH Airdrop if I win?

If you are chosen as the winner, you will be notified via email. ETH worth $100 will be airdropped into your OnJuno wallet as soon as your first direct deposit is successfully received in the OnJuno account.

Question 4 - What is a Crypto Paycheck?

A crypto paycheck is a Direct Deposit set up by you to your OnJuno Checking Account with at-least $250 allocated to either BTC or ETH or USDC (coming soon).

Question 5 - How long is Mike Dudas's ETH Airdrop promotion open?

This promotion runs from Date and Time of announcement of giveaway on Twitter by Mike Dudas to 1PM GMT on 30 December 2021. We call this the “Promotion Period”.

However, OnJuno can extend the Promotion Period, or close it early, at any time without noticeNote:

This is the official account of MIke Dudas -

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